LilyAnne and Zydeco Pups- ALL ADOPTED


LilyAnne is a purebred Bloodhound out of CenCal Bloodhounds in Merced, California. I fell in love with LilyAnne before I ever even saw her in person. She was everything I wanted. Beautiful red, full of wrinkles, and already a lover. The day I went to pick her up all the pups were playing and I looked them over, spotting her immediately. I said out loud “There she is! That’s my girl” and she left the other pups and came running. Some things, are simply meant to be.

She weighs in at 85-90lbs and is one of the smaller dogs from her litter. Her parents were both AKC registered though she never was. She is NAPR registered.

Zydeco is a purebred Bloodhound out of White Oak Creek Kennels here in Texas. Zydeco is the one that got away – and then I got him back. He was placed with a family before me (she who hesitates and all that) so I continued my search for a perfect little Liver & Tan boy. I was in no rush and knew I wanted a hound with a proven background of even temperament and nice conformation. Then it happened, I saw his picture, the family whom had adopted him was going to have to return him. Their adult dog would not tolerate him. Obviously I did not hesitate a second time and this gentle boy joined my pack.

He is not an overly large hound, weighing in around 85-90 pounds at current and still filling in. I expect him to reach about 95-100 pounds. He is AKC registered. He is also NAPR registered.

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Beautiful and Adventurous VEDA  is staying in the family – adopted by my favorite cousin! 

Gorgeous Velma (now Dixie) has found her deserving home. She will likely fade out to a very soft saddle but it’s the only thing expected to fade. Her fun personality is here to stay. Velma is also an adventurer but she likes to think about things before she rushes in.                                                                                           


Velma (F) This sweet girl runs to the front of the pen with the other puppies and then sits and waits to be greeted. Don’t let that fool you though, she was also the first one to learn to escape the puppy pen. A very confident young lady who doesn’t mind spending some time doing her own thing, she’s still up for a having a howling good time romping with her siblings!
Virgi (F) Ms Virgi is not only the largest female, but also the largest pup from the litter. She outgrew her brothers at about 4 wks of age and hasn’t given up her heavyweight title yet. She’s not afraid to throw that weight around either, usually right into your lap for some good ol’ hound dog snuggles!
VEDA Don’t let that side eye fool you, she might be a little camera shy but that’s the ONLY shy in this little girl. She’s ready to take on the world and looking for a perfect partner to go with her! Veda’s name means life and she’s certainly full of a love for life, she’s ready to go go go!
WIDDLE LUCY Lucy is the only red female and she is the spitting image her her mother (who happens to be my favorite hound!) This girl is very adaptable and will switch between playing rough and tumble with the boys to resting her head on your shoulder and totally melting your heart
BLU Mr Blu is the last available male and that perfect balance of loving but independent that so many hope to find. Although he would be happy to go on an adventure with you he is also content to occupy himself when you are busy. Like all his siblings he seems to have inherited his parents gentle temperament. This boy was actually spoken for at birth but due to extenuating circumstances is now available once again!


aka Tater Sammy






aka Vada

Pink &Grey

aka Velma


aka Virgi


aka Blu

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