Whether you are looking for a hunting partner, a hiking buddy, or just a new best friend, for hound lovers there is nothing better than a sweet pup raised in an environment that supports confidence and connection. My hounds come from healthy bloodlines with solid temperaments and nice conformation. Pups are raised with biosensory and are exposed to new experiences and different types of people to help them becomes well adjusted adults without vices or insecurities.


But, Is A Hound Right For Me?

The most important thing to me is to set up my pups and my families for success. With that in mind, I decided to try to answer the question “Is a hound right for me?” as simply as possible
If you want a dog who will look to you for direction, who wants to be trained and to please you, who needs limited interaction, doesn’t shed and isn’t messy then move along. If you don’t have a sense of humor and find that you value perfection more than casual tidiness I’d also say hounds are a no go.
But – If you want a dog who will work *with* you, who understands compromise and exchanges, who is able to make their own decisions but is happy to have you accompany them on their adventures, who will bestow you with more love than you can imagine when you embrace the fact that they are companions, not pets … then prepare for your heart to burst with joy- for you have found your breed. All that hair is just proof that you’re living with your best friend. That slobber? You’ll be competing with fellow hound families for the longest and most complex ‘slingers’, and that infamous hound scent? Don’t bother trying to wash it away, breathe deep in the comfort of having a best friend.

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